...Genuine. Passionate. Diverse...”


Born and raised out of the melting pot of culture and music that is St. Louis, MO it is no wonder the music of JD Hughes organically mirrors the beautifully diverse city. His thought provoking lyrics can be described as seasoned, soulful and conscious enforcing the broad reach of this modern day singer songwriter. 

The songs of JD Hughes & The Fuze, which is his full band, feature a wide range of musical influences with a heavy 70’s aesthetic. The music doesn’t have a single brand, instead it’s a fusion of Funk, Jazz, Reggae, and whatever else feels right. Their self proclaimed style is "Happy Funk Jam Jazz". The band showcases a stellar group of talented musicians and JD's debut album, recorded w/ The Fuze, is set for release by end of 2018.  

Simultaneously, as the debut record is being finished, progress has already begun on the next album concept. Diving deep into his spiritual roots and exploring that space through music, JD is creating a series of shorter length acoustically driven concept albums all related to Nature, Spirituality, and the Human experience. The theme for the albums will be called, "Get In Tune" and will be released in "Chapters I, II, & III" each with 3-5 songs on each release. The songs are to be testaments of JD's journeys inward and his inspired reflections on life during and after his health battles with cancer in his early 20's. 

We invite you to take a look within, embrace the magic within you, and "Get In Tune".

JD Hughes & The Fuze brought infectious happiness, a sense of community, and the purest form of local music pride.”

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